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Empire East Land Holdings Inc has made sure that Little Baguio Terraces would make its resident feel as if living in a resort everyday with the top of the line and convenient facilities and amenities ready for use, anytime of the day.  Here, you can enjoy and indulge living as if you’re on a vacation every day, as the place is well soothed for people who want to live a modern, stress-free life. You can feel inspired to keep going and strive harder all the time.

Here, you can enjoy it at the swimming pool, where to indulge in water activities, such as swimming and cardio exercises. With it, you don’t need to think of traveling far and out the property just to do the sunbathing or enjoying it near the waters. There is also the luxurious sunbathing deck, where to feel as if you’re in a hotel and resort, tanning yourself right within the property. There are also convenient and quickly accessible changing rooms in the property.

For kid’s entertainment, Little Baguio Terraces have something for them – the playground – a wide and spacious play area that gives kid leisure time with new neighbors and friends. Here, they can play different outdoor activities and simply enjoy being around each other at any time of the day.

In the property are also pocket gardens where to feel closer to nature – its lovely flora –again, without going out the property. Here, you can enjoy some chat time with friends and loved ones, read a book, listen to music or simply kill the time while breathing fresh air and  enjoying it with nature.

For the residents that want to stay fit, there is a fitness gym located right in the property. With that, you don’t need to drive to and from the nearest gym because one is already in the property. That said you could burn fat, lose weight, build muscle and improve health without any inconvenience. Without worrying about outdoor elements, including pollution, traffic and so many more associated with traveling, you can work out, lift weight and perform your favorite exercise routines at the gym inside the Little Baguio Terraces. That is not all! There is also a jogging path to those who want to do cardio routines outdoor.  So anytime you want to lose weight, improve heart and lung health and avoid any pollution jogging on the streets, you can sweat out anytime you want in the jogging paths located inside the residence.

For busy parents looking for a child-friendly place for their kids, there is a daycare center available at Little Baguio Terraces. This is one of the most suitable features of this residential property for all the tenants and perhaps one that you’ll also love choosing Little Baguio.

The property is ready for cable TV, telephone, internet, electricity and water connections. Everything you’ll need for a perfect home in the city, Little Baguio Terraces have them for you. Are you ready to invest here?  Chat with one of our standby customer support specialist now!

  • 15-meter Lap Pool
  • Paved Sunbathing Deck
  • Changing Rooms
  • Children's Playground
  • Pocket Gardens
  • Jogging Path
  • Fitness Gym
  • Day Care Center
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